What is Burning Man?

What is Burning Man?

What is burning man?

For some reason, this year at Burning Man I had a Grandma’s soul and practiced being a “no girl”.
Does that make me boring? Yes. Is that okay with me? Also yes.
I was out in the desert for 17 days, building for a week, enjoying my yurt while the event took place, and then tearing down getting caught in a terrible sand storm!
As much as I complain it really was a great experience and I had an absolute blast. It’s a lot of work but I can’t wait until next year!

The Equipment I use:

Necklace :
Bryan Anthony

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EVERYTHING in this video came in handy. This is a list I got from a fellow burner before I left hopefully you find it helpful as well:

The Essentials:
2 pair of goggles one for day and one for night to protect your eyes from the dust storms, here they are in a pack:
Tinted Burning Man Goggles:
Container for your water, aka camelback
LED Headlamp (purchasing two just in case you end up losing it)
LED Blinky lights (for your bike and also lights on yourself so people can see you in the dark)
Batteries (purchase extras in case your head lamp goes out)
Dust Masks, Scarves for the dust
Heating packs to put in your pockets at night
Small backpack to put your belongings in when traveling around the playa
Ear plugs to sleep at night
Rug for outside the RV to leave our shoes
A few fold up chairs
Bikes, this is where we got ours, the earlier you pay the cheaper:
Decorations to for your bike to make it stand out.
First aid kit
A Small Spray bottle (for cooling down)

Protection from the sun:
High SPF Sun Block
Good Chap stick
Sunglasses (bring one’s you don’t mind getting scratched, and maybe bring a couple as back up)
Coconut oil
Moisturizer for the face

What to wear:
People wear all kinds of things from everyday wear, crazy, fun, fantasy costumes, hippies wear, hipsters, tribal, ravers, and nudist. People even spend the whole year creating their costumes for this festival. So you choose how you want to dress.

Day time wear:
Bring shorts
Bathing suits

Cold Weather and nighttime wear:
Fur Coat mandatory (Preferably on the inside.) Even better if you can find a long one that goes to your knee or longer. (Check out Thrift stores, amazon, eBay, department stores, etc.)
Bring a few jackets for different kinds of cold weather
Wear layers underneath cause you might want to take off layers
Long sleeves
Long Johns to wear underneath pants
Leg warmers
Long shirts
Gloves to keep your hands warm
Warm socks
Scarves to keep your neck warm
Hats to keep your head warm at night

Costume wear: (you can get as creative as you want.)
Makeup (body paints, glitters)
Eye Jewels to decorate your eyes and face
Faux fur items always look good
Fishnets, cool tights
Funky tops and bottoms
Fun jewelry: feathers, costume jewelry stuff
Funky hats
Think layers here as well
Booty shorts
Wraps like sarongs to go over pants to add as an accident
Gloves: leather cut off kind to lace to knit
Accessories for the hair like feathers, cool funky headbands, etc.
Fans (keep cool and decorative)

Shoes: (Comfortable one are key)
Flip Flops (just in case)
Other daytime shoes: can be boots, chucks, tennis shoes etc.
Closed toed night time just wear shoes keep your feet warm.

***Bring an extra set of clothes and a pair of shoes in a ziplock bag. So you have a clean pair of clothes for your travel home.***

Toiletries Bag –
toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving stuff, Soap, Shampoo, Conditioner.
You guys know the drill. All your essentials.

Groceries: (food & beverages)
Coconut water (lots of it)
Coconut oil
Water (tons of it, at least half gallon/day)
Beer, Wine, Tequila
Puerh Tea
Dark Chocolate
Uncle Eddies Cookies
An assortment of Chips
Fruit: apples, strawberries, grapes…
Yerba Mate Energy Shots
Electrolytes packets
Energy snack bars
Almond Butter

Other items
Digestive enzymes
Nose spray
Baby wipes (purchase a big thing of them. This is my most treasured item on the playa DONT GO CHEAP HERE… trust me.)
Good deodorant
Eye Drops for dry eyes
Zip lock bags
Extra Trash Bags
Breath mints, gum or breath spray