Watch If An Asteroid Hit Earth

Watch If An Asteroid Hit Earth

Dear Friend,

Are you tired?

Tired of all the misinformation out there about 2012?

If you’ve done even one Google search on the topic you know what I’m talking about… SURVIVE 2012:


Just In Case – Don’t Be Scared – Be Prepared:

SURVIVE 2012 or ANY DISASTER by David Wilcock:

The United States and other world governments are well aware of what is coming. They know they wont be able to protect and assist everyone, so they have developed self help materials and websites such as and These sites provide valuable information for short-term survival of isolated events such as earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes, but do not directly address the real dangers that await us.

Surviving the coming events of December 21 2012 is not necessarily like surviving other natural or manmade disaster. You and your family will have to be more proactive and assume more preemptive strategies for long term or even permanent survival. You need to realize that this will be a global event that will effect each and every living thing on the planet. Food and clean water will be scarce and public utilities will be nonexistent, The world governments can not and will not be able to assist in your continuing wellbeing and you will more or less be on your own.

The purpose of this website is to assist and provide you with the necessary resources and information to help you prepare for, and survive a long-term global disaster. SURVIVE 2012: