Survival Tips: How To Gather Kindling Now For The Fire Later

Survival Tips: How To Gather Kindling Now For The Fire Later

This Survival Tip is a little trick I learned many years ago to make it easier to be able to build a fire once I arrived at camp. In many instances you pass up a lot of really good trees with awesome kindling on them that are just begging to be used in a fire. But then when you get to camp, there is no good kindling around. Using this tip will help you to have some kindling on hand just in case there isn’t any near your chosen camp site. Of course this technique can also be used in a wilderness survival situation. If you have been walking along trying to find your way home or whatever the case may be, you can grab some kindling along the way, that way when you stop to build a fire for the evening, you will have some kindling on hand.

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