Survival Gear – Making a fire

Survival Gear – Making a fire

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Nita and Shenae learn the art of making a successful fire. Rich Hungerford gives them tips and tricks to something that seems like an easy task. Watch and meet Rich SES warrior.

Silky Axes:

Silky Folding Saws:

Who knew that learning how to survive could be so much fun! Jannita and Shenae learnt so much with Rich from Bushlore. Jannita and Shenae don’t like to talk about things they don’t understand or sell tools for uses they really don’t know if the product will perform well with.

We are getting more and more enquiries lately about which saws would be best for long bush walks, bushcraft, wild camping, survivalism and doomsday peppers. It’s becoming crazy popular. So to make things easier for us to answer these questions, Jannita & Shenae literally put themselves out there.

Two city girls in the bush, what could we possibly go wrong?

Arborlab Tree Care Pty Ltd is in the business of sourcing and supplying the world’s best tree care products. The Silky Saw and Okatsune range is just that – some of the worlds best pruning tools. Perfect for the arborist to perform tree cutting and tree pruning with ease. The Prabos range of boots adds the quality and safety that all arborists need.

Once a week Jannita and Shenae share a video with tips and tricks about Silky Saws and the other incredible products we stock.

Are you looking for high qualities saws or axes that will make the job seem effortless? Look no further. Shenae and Jannita have a few awesome products to share.