Selling My Survival Truck Camper ~ Cleaning Out Survival Gear

Selling My Survival Truck Camper ~ Cleaning Out Survival Gear

I have put my beloved survival truck camper up for sale. My 87 GMC truck is too high for the jacks on this camper and I have not been using it anymore. So it is time to give it up to someone who can use it.

I have used this truck camper as a survival shelter, bug out shelter and for camping for many years now.

Inside the truck camper I had everything you need for long term survival and for bugging out in a hurry.

I had food, pots, pans, dishes, utensils, tools and more for the kitchen. I had tools to repair anything I needed, including antique hand powered drills for a grid down scenario.

I had all my camping, fishing, hiking, hunting and outdoor gear in the survival truck camper.

I had enough provisions and materials to make a new life out in the mountains if needed.

I also had the necessary items for a cold northern climate. Blankets, jackets, sweaters, extra clothing, rain gear and more. I had multiple sources of heating and cooking in my survival truck camper.

I kept my Bug out Bag and hiking back pack in the truck camper as well.

Literally all my outdoor sports equipment has been in there all these years. I have used the truck camper every single day since I got it since all my gear is stored in there.

But it is time to sell it now. I will use the Jeep as a bug out vehicle instead. With the Jeep I will just turn the key and go. No more loading and unloading a camper onto the truck to bug out. The Jeep will be faster to bug out with in a hurry.

I have someone on the way to come look at the truck camper so I emptied it in a hurry and put everything out on a tarp on the ground.

I am working hard to clear out the wood pile from in front of the truck camper so I can get it out of there.

I bought a tent to put all my survival gear in for now. Chris is putting the tent together for me while I clear away the wood pile from in front of the truck camper.

I will also clear out the old RV and sell it next week. The tent will be useful to hold all my stuff in the mean time.

Later the tent will become my electronics workshop. I have decided to get rid of all the extra vehicles and campers on this property and start moving things out of the meadow.

I want the meadow to look nice.

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