How to make Fallout 4 an Immersive Winter Survival Game – Xbox One

How to make Fallout 4 an Immersive Winter Survival Game – Xbox One

Hey everyone! It’s Winter Survival 2.0! Refer to the pinned comment for other important stuff like the load order and DLC versions of the mods! Hope you like the video, thanks for watching! Had to re-upload…

Seasons: Winter AIO 1:12

Icepick Overhaul (DLC, mentioned) 1:36

Winter Overhaul Addon (optional) 2:04

Reduced Grass Density 2:33

Vivid Weathers Base 3:13

Vivid Weathers Winter Plugin 3:13

Vivid Waters 3:51

Commonwealth Warfare Realistic Gun Sounds & Bullet Cracks 4:15

Commonwealth Warfare Explosions 4:15

Last Light In The Commonwealth 5:09

Backpacks Of The Commonwealth 5:37

Travel Bag 6:05

Tactical Flashlights 6:27

Dismemberment Overhaul Dead Space Style 6:54

Dismemberment Overhaul (non headshot) 6:54

Enhanced Blood Textures 7:24

Timestopping VATS 7:46

Critical Hits Outside Of VATS 8:09

Bullet Time 8:22

Modify Grenades & Mines 8:45

Realistic Insects Health 9:02

No Radscorpion Tunneling 9:14

Tactical Distraction System 9:28

Rain Of Brass 10:01

Tracers & Vapor Trails 10:16

Realistic Ragdoll Force 10:31

Smoother Sun Shadow 10:48

Weapon Drop Standalone 11:00

Full Dialogue Interface 11:15

Simple Wasteland Camping 11:32

Cooking With Gas 12:00

M.R.E.’s 12:12

Give Me My Bottle Back 12:22

Survival Options 12:45

Craftable Ammunition 13:05

Balanced Craftable Ammunition (mentioned) 13:13

Any Armour On Any Clothes 13:25

Dogmeat’s Backpack 13:48

Dogmeat Boots 13:52

Dogmeat Helmets And Hats 13:56

Splinterz Breakable Wooden Doors 14:06

NPCs Travel 14:25

Disable God Rays 14:48

Disable Lens Flare 14:48

Guns listed at 15:01


FN P90

Colt Python

Holey Machete

Baretta M9

G36 Complex

Hunting Shotgun

Modular Kalash


Crude Blowback

Colt 1911

Grenade Expansion Pack