Escape from Corregidor Board Game

Escape from Corregidor Board Game

This is a play-through example of my Escape from Corregidor board game which is currently undergoing testing. It covers the basics and a few mission turns.

In May 1942, 18 American crewmen scuttle their US Navy minelayer ship based in the Philippines to prevent it from falling into the hands of the invading Japanese forces. Using a 36-foot US Navy motor launch, the 18 sailors, led by Lieutenant Commander John Morrill (player), begin their 2,000-mile journey through Japanese infested waters in an attempt to reach Darwin, Australia.

Escape from Corregidor is a solitaire board game of danger and survival. As their leader, you will attempt to lead your 17 men to safety 2,000 miles away in Australia. The dangers you and your men will possibly face include dehydration, starvation, hostile natives, tropical diseases, poisonous snakes, inclement weather, and Japanese enemy aircraft and ships.

Basic gameplay involves game counters used for tracking individual crewmen, food, water, diesel fuel, equipment, etc, plus various play mats and dice rolling in the tables book.

** Please note that in the video I made a mistake at 49:00. I took a First Aid kit from the draw pile (impossible) instead of from the Boat Inventory mat. It was very late at night while shooting the video and I wasn’t thinking so clearly, so please disregard this little blunder! **

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