ARK: Survival Evolved – Weekly News 3rd Aug: Giganotosaurus, Dung Beetle and more!

ARK: Survival Evolved – Weekly News 3rd Aug: Giganotosaurus, Dung Beetle and more!

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G’day guys Mennace here with a weekly Ark News video, version 193 is out as well as many more announced features so let’s get into it.

The latest patch brought in a few new items, the small and large bear traps and stone behemoth sized gates. The new Alpha dinosaurs was also put into the game, which are rare buffed carnivores who also improve the statistics of fellow killing creatures. As well as several fixes. the trilobite received a nerf to its drop rate of oil and pearls as well as increased rarity along the shores.

Along the lines of new announcements, vacuum sealed underwater bases were confirmed in the Ark Digest #12 boasting a new tier of structures and a powered “Venilator” that will maintain air supply. To accompany this, scuba gear has had a date set for some time this month and will be a much welcome change for those underwater expeditions.

Three tiers of personal shields will also be introduced to the game and will be usable with melee weapons, such as the upcoming swords. Other confirmed items from the digest include furniture, tombstones, glass windows, elevators, water rafts and even a ballista. Which is like a giant crossbow on wheels.

Our beloved island is also due for some big changes in the future, with the Gamescom 2015 trailer showcasing some of these adjustments. The updates will include a swamp and snow biome, more variants of weather and a method to increase the growth of trees in the game.

Several dossiers also were realeased this week, the Dungbeetle, which will be a great source of generating oil from manure, was annoucned. A direwolf dossier was also released, a giant tamable and very aggressive wolfe that will generally be seen in packs. And the most recent dino to be documented is the Gigantosaurus, which will be the largest carnivore on the island, bar Alphas. Although tamable this new beast will have its own uniquue mechanic which can cause a tamed Gigantosaurus to turn on its tribe and even throw off a rider.

That about does it for news in ARK this week, be sure to subscribe to catch up on next weeks news. My name is Mennace, thanks for watching.

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