3 Day CAMP/RENOVATION At The LEAN TO Bushcraft Survival Shelter Base Camp

3 Day CAMP/RENOVATION At The LEAN TO Bushcraft Survival Shelter Base Camp

I found myself at the lean-to base camp survival shelter working on some renovations during a three day adventure. I initially intended to find a previously visited campsite where I wanted to start the ground work for a new shelter but due to increasing rains I decided to return to the base camp. I ended up coming close to completing the frame for a second lean-to so it turned to be a successful trip. This time I experienced much colder temperatures around 10 F “about -12 C”. I ended up enjoying a variety of good food including turkey “roasted on a stick”, steak, dehydrated rice for lunch and dinner, eggs, potato, garlic, mozzarella cheese and plenty of coffee for breakfast. Every meal was cooked over the campfire “except for a few power bars”. My gear included a tent “that I didn’t use”, my saw, axe, knife, camping pot, bushcraft grill, flashlight, utility pouch, first aid kit, and a frying pan that stays at the shelter.

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