Do you like potato chips? I’ll show you some ideas with chips and packages of chips. If you want to eat chips from a pack, do not get your hands dirty, use Chinese sticks. Do you know how to cook a huge chips? Put the thin pita bread on a baking sheet, brush with oil and add spices. Put in a hot oven for 10 minutes. This snack will be a great solution for a party.

Here are some more kitchen tips. To keep the milk from spoiling for a long time, add some salt to it. So that the meat in the refrigerator does not wind down, pack it in a vacuum bag. To save strawberries from mold, place the berries in water with vinegar. To save the stale cookies, place a piece of bread in a jar of cookies. To keep bread from moldy, put celery stalk in a bag of bread.

I will show you how to store cheese, how to store eggs, how to determine egg freshness, how to cook colored eggs, how to clean eggs easily, how to wash a bottle, how to separate the yolk from proteins, how to cook an egg in the microwave, how to cut an egg beautifully, and much more.


00:33 Smart chips tricks
02:09 Spoiled milk?
03:59 How to make cheese last longer
06:34 Awesome egg hack
08:16 Candles from eggs

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